Dr Reid is a spectacular, BRILLIANT woman who is so knowledgable! She has worked with my children (who struggle in school) for many years. Dr Reid has helped both my kids improve their grades and learn skills to become successful students! My husband and I have put Shanelle on a pedestal!!! We have had many, many meetings needing her expertise!!! This book is a PERFECT tool for parents and kids to be the best they can be!! She is one INCREDIBLE woman!  M. Wolff, Buffalo, New York

Dr. Reid has created an invaluable resource for anyone who works with learners, be they students in a public school, alternative learning environment or non-traditional students who are reentering education. Not only is this a comprehensive exploration of self, it will undoubtably yield results for both learner and teacher (facilitator) that will take students far beyond the scope of what is contained in this resource. The instructions are clear and concise, and the activities and forms are thoughtful and dynamic. The guide takes students deeper into reflections of self, of their environment and begins a critical conversation about how these are intrinsically linked. Dr. Reid's work is clearly the result of considering how students learn, how environment affects learning and how best to empower students to take control of their education in whatever form it takes. I look forward to the next book! A. Spitzer, Syracuse, New York

We contacted Dr. Benson Reid because of her knowledge in leadership, cultural competency and social awareness. She has provided our organization with excellent support and assistance.

Robert, San Bernardino, California

Dr. Reid assisted our organization with employee recruitment and training. Her effort and attention to detail are unmatched. She stresses the importance of building relationships to successfully  build organizations. We highly recommend her for any HR projects.  Syracuse, New York


Dr. Reid spoke at our conference and she was fabulous. Her energy and ability to engage the audience was remarkable. We will invite her to speak at our future events.  Albany, New York

Dr. Reid is an outstanding educator that is extremely passionate about academic excellence. Her dedication and commitment to youth advocacy warrants recognition and praise. Her knowledge and guidance helped our family navigate through some very difficult situations at school. After a grim start to middle school, our child is on the path to academic success in the coming years. I would encourage all to read her book and implement the strategies outlined because they will prove to be worthwhile. Utica, New York