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   A.G.E. ​​​​Coaching and Consulting Services

  • Coaching (Fee Range $200-$2,400)​
  • Consulting (Fee Range $1000-$5000)
    • Assessment
    • Coaching and Consulting
    • Skill Development

  • Keynote Speaker (Fee Range $1000-$3000)
  • Half-Day Workshop (Fee Range $1500-$3500)
  • Full-Day Workshop (Fee Range $3000-$7000)
  • Executive Retreat (Fee Range $10,000-$30,000)
  • Program Implementation (Fee Range $10,000-$30,000)​
    • Talent Assessment
    • Organizational Culture
    • Succession Planning​

   Organizational Assessment (Fee Range $10,000-$70,000)​


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Educate, Encourage, Empower: The Student's Guide to Excellence (2nd Edition) is Dr. Benson Reid's most recent project. This edition of the workbook stresses the value of self-mastery during the educational development process. This manual surpasses the first edition by adding components that emphasize the importance of building character, and recognizing self-worth along with enhancing academic skills and abilities through assessment, evaluation, skill acquisition and self-awareness.

The Summer Extreme is one full-day of instruction designed to improve academic performance. 
The session is eight hours for 1 Day.

(Space Is Limited: Eight Students Per Day)

Summer Extreme Program
   1) Learning Preference and Math Assessment
   2) Note Taking Strategies
   3) Study Strategies
   4) Reading Strategies
   5) Writing Strategies


Day 1 (August 7th) Tuesday

Incoming 7th - 8th Grade Students

Day 2 (August 8th) Wednesday

Incoming 9th - 10th Grade Students

Day 3 (August 9th) Thursday
Incoming 11th - 12th Grade Students

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The Summer Intensive is a 10-hour program designed to improve academic performance. 
The sessions are two hours per day for five consecutive days.

(Space Is Limited: Eight Students Per Session)

Summer Intensive Program
   Day 1: Learning Preference and Math Assessment
   Day 2: Note Taking Strategies
   Day 3: Study Strategies
   Day 4: Reading Strategies
   Day 5: Writing Strategies

   Week 1 (July 9th-13th): Monday - Friday
   Session 1: Incoming 9th - 10th (10am-12noon)
   Session 2: Incoming 11th - 12th (1pm-3pm)

   Week 2 (July 16th-20th): Monday - Friday
   Session 1: Incoming 5th - 6th (10am-12noon)
   Session 2: Incoming 7th - 8th (1pm-3pm)

   Week 3 (July 23rd-27th): Monday - Friday
   Session 1: Incoming 11th - 12th (10am-12noon)
   Session 2: Incoming 9th - 10th (1pm-3pm)

   Week 4 (July 30th-August 3rd): Monday - Friday
​   Session 1: Incoming 7th - 8th (10am-12noon)
   Session 2: Incoming 5th - 6th (1pm-3pm)​

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Educate, Encourage, Empower: The Student's Guide to Excellence (2nd Edition)

​   A.G.E. Academic Services

ACCESS Global Enterprises Presents Dr. Reid's Summer Programs

(For Middle and High School Students)

Registration Includes
* New York State Certified Teacher
* Small Group Instruction

* Summer Intensive Curriculum / Materials and Supplies

* Summer Intensive Summary Report

* Lunch

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