Question of the Day: 
Organization Becoming Culturally Competent and Socially Aware
Check out my response to the Question of The Day! My organization wants to become more culturally competent and socially aware. What are our first steps?

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Question of the Day:

Programs for Students of Color
Check out my response to the Question of the Day: I work for a PWI and I am a POC. We have a large population of SOC, but we have no programs to support these students. Can you offer suggestion for creating support programs?

PWI - Predominantly White Institution
POC - Person Of Color
SOC - Students of Color

Points to Consider:
1. Student Input – Take an opportunity to speak with the students and understand their desires. Help them write a program proposal and be specific. In the proposal they’ll need to explain their concerns, why it is vitally important to address these concerns and what solutions will satisfy these concerns.
2. Parent Participation – Once the students come together on an issue then you need to garner parental support. Connect with parents who will support the proposal and these parents do not have to be POC. You’re looking for support, not exclusive support. The parents will need to send emails and letters to school / district leadership regarding the program proposal. The parents should also consider meeting with school / district leadership to voice their concerns about lack of support programs as well.
3. Support from other Teachers – You may be on an island but then a gain, you may not. Look for other teachers on your campus who are will to support this cause. You might be surprised…
4. District Policy – Check your school / district policy regarding clubs and programs. The policy may help you make your case.
5. District Support – If you district is concerned about achievement gap and other issues that impact SOC and are will to take steps in a more progressive direction, then you may already have their support.

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Question of the Day:

Choosing The Homeschooling Option
Check out my response to the question of the day. Our daughter is a great student but lately her behavior has been impacting her learning. We know she is bored in her classes. We are considering homeschooling. What are your thoughts?