A.G.E. Tech Novice

Need support, get connected, ACCESS Global Enterprises, Tech Novice is bridging the digital divide. Limited technical experience; no problem. Come one, come all, from individuals to large groups. What are your needs: office suite assistance, email set-up, website template support, social media guidance? No job is too small! We Will Wow You!

Our Family Of Businesses 

A.G.E. Publishing House
Welcome to ACCESS Global Enterprises, Publishing House. AGE House is a small press publisher and we shares the voices of the seldom heard. We support individuals from underrepresented groups with guidance and assistance during the publication process. From style guidelines to marketing: We Help You Make It Happen!

ACCESS Global Enterprises, LLC. 

We are a Federally Certified Organization and We are the Key to Your Success! 


Current Federal Certificates: AABE, EDWOSB, MBE, SDB, WBE and WOSB

A.G.E. ​​​​Coaching and Consulting Services

Here at ACCESS Global Enterprises, we offer coaching, consulting and professional development programs for educational communities in the areas of cultural competency, social awareness and student empowerment.  Our programs are based on extensive research, statistical data and over twenty years of mentoring, teaching, training and leadership experience. ​
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A.G.E. Media Group Services ​
We are ACCESS Global Enterprises, Media Group: We uplift communities by promoting knowledge and highlighting the successes of talent individuals and / or groups. We also assist entrepreneurs and small business owners with marketing principles, advertising, sales, business promotion and leveraging social media.

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