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Today is your day to start living on purpose.  When you awake in the morning are you happy about your day or do you loathe what’s to come? There was a time I thought happiness was overrated. “What does it matter if I am happy or not, especially if I am making money?” “Passion and purpose won’t pay the bills, you’ll need a real job.” “Get a job you can work at for 20 years then retire, it will be worth it later in life.” I have heard it all and I am sure you have as well but what happens when there is a stirring in the pit of your stomach that tells you there is more to life. Do you keep working at the job you hate or do you decide to do something different. Purchase your copy of Entrepreneurship 101: Steps to Building A Business start living on purpose. 

Education Enrichment 101: Steps to Academic Achievement is a comprehensive manual that inspires students to take ownership of their learning through self- management, organization and academic enrichment.  The idea for this workbook came about when my son began struggling while attending tech school in the United States Air Force. One day he called home and voiced concern about his inability to study and retain information. He expressed disappointment in himself and his K-12 education. As a mom, I had to do something. So, I decided to go through all of my teaching material from the past ten years and put together a study, strategy packet for him. Purchase your copy of Education Enrichment 101: Steps to Academic Achievement and be transformed. 

Empowerment 101: Steps to Recognizing Your Self –Worth is a workbook designed to help readers understand how current actions determine future success. Think about your life at this very moment. Are you satisfied with your current station or do you desire something else? What are you doing to change the trajectory of your life? Whatever the circumstance, you are not alone. Your struggle may be different, but we are all the same. Your internal dialogue may fail you at times, so I am here to let you know; you are wonderful. Your uniqueness adds value to the world. You are a gift and you are the standard. Strive for excellence because you deserve your best. Be committed to working hard; the fruits of labor are amazing. Ready to moving forward; purchase your copy of Empowerment 101: Steps to Recognizing Your Self –Worth!

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Welcome To Empowerment 101: Steps To Recognizing Your Self-Worth



Welcome To Education Enrichment 101: Steps To Academic Achievement