8. Proof Reading

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10. Printing

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Book Titles

Dr. Shanelle is a wealth on knowledge and always willing to help. She had not launched A.G.E. Publishing House when she coached me through my book writing process but I will most definitely use her full-service publishing package for my next project. Jasmine, Nevada

12. Marketing

1. Style Guidelines

I used A.G.E. Publishing House for editing and proofreading. I self-published my book so I did not need full-service publishing. But Dr. Shanelle's staff was able to help with my specific concerns. I was pleased with the outcome and will use the services in the future. Lucas, Pennsylvania

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Your Experiences Are Valuable, Your Perspectives Are Worth Sharing. We Are ACCESS Global Enterprises,

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11. Publication

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We are ACCESS Global Enterprises, Publishing House: ​

We are a small press publisher and

We shares the voices of the seldom heard.

Clients:Individuals From Underrepresented Groups

Services: Guidance and Assistance During The Publication Process

Current Federal Certificates: AABE, EDWOSB, MBE, SDB, WBE and WOSB

7. Copy-Editing

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