Dr. Benson Reid assisted our school with student engagement and staff compassion. Her effort and attention to detail are unmatched. She stresses the importance of building relationships to  successfully  alter organizational climate. We highly recommend her for diversity workshops and professional development.  As well as student empowerment activities. Mariah, New York

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​According to the research, educating students from diverse backgrounds and situations successfully is a complex process involving big picture consideration and specific pedagogical practices. ​At the very least, these students need to know the adults in their life truly care about their personal and academic success and from this foundation, trusting relationships develop and serve as an essential context for learning. While this bridge from caring to learning is necessary for a successful school career, it is vitally important for students of color who tend to experience more challenges in their personal and academic lives. Research indicates, the teacher / student relationship is critical for optimal student learning and success. To address the needs of students, ACCESS Global Enterprises created the ​Educational Development Standards. ​Our Educational Development Standards promote the cultivating of trusting relationships and serve as a fundamental framework for learning. ​These standards are based on the historical roles of educators prior to the Brown vs Board of Education decisions and are as follows:

  • Counselor
  • Advocate,
  • Disciplinarian,
  • Surrogate Parent and
  • Role Model

Educators, who serve as counselor, advocate, disciplinarian, surrogate parent and role model embody the necessary characteristics to educate students from diverse backgrounds and situations. 



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We wanted to evaluate student success from a different perspective. We decided to work with Dr. Benson Reid because of her background in cultural competency and social awareness. Dr. Benson Reid is excellent. She transformed our thinking and student / teacher interactions. We are more than satisfied with the results. James, New Jersey

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Coaching and Consulting
Here at ACCESS Global Enterprises, we offer coaching, consulting and professional development programs for educational communities in the areas of cultural competency, social awareness and student empowerment.  Our programs are based on extensive research, statistical data and over twenty years of mentoring, teaching, training and leadership experience. ​
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